Arts programs are essential in a community to help older adults get involved and remain an important part of their communities. Community based arts programming helps older people as the keepers of culture remain dynamic members of society and provides younger generations with positive role models encouraging a strong sense of meaning and purpose in healthy living in vital communities. In this section you will find all the information on our website including news, events, stories, research and more pertaining to community arts programming.

When the AARP Magazine began its Movies for Grownups column 12 years ago, it had trouble finding enough material to fill the page.

Born in France, Roger Dagorn is a famed wine expert and one of the oldest working sommeliers in New York.

Seniors in Gainesville, FL find that regular fitness and aerobics classes have helped improve their health significantly since they began.

In Gainesville, Florida, older adults are participating in weekly dance workshops that combine fun, fitness, and creativity.

In 2004, the University Circle Interactive Cleveland (UCIC) created the Senior Connections program, the newest lifelong learning initiative from the University Circle, Inc., education program.

More and more studies are proving the positive impact of choral singing on physical and mental health.

Many seniors are finding that retirement has finally allowed them to participate in activities that they n

An art exhibit in Kitchener, Canada will open on January 18th to support the Alzheimer Society of Kitchener-Waterloo.