2015-2016 NCCA Distance Learning Series

A convening at the 2015 NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference


Connect to your community, discover best practices, and learn something new!

Below, please find a link to the webinar page you are interested in attending. The event page will include registration details, information on the content of the webinar, and links to pertinent supplemental work. Check back in following the webinar to find links to video recordings and podcasts of the event.


Sky Above Clouds

with Wendy Miller, Creative Aging Pioneer

Join NCCA for a presentation by Wendy Miller about her new book Sky Above Clouds: Finding Our Way Through Creativity, Aging, and Illness co-written with Gene Cohen and Teresa Barker.

This event is FREE!

on May 19th from 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST


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The NCCA Professional Development Webinar Series fulfills the NCCA Mission to support professional development across disciplines and occupations in creative aging to produce an innovative and robust workforce of artists, researchers, policy makers, educators, and advocates. The webinar series complements an array of NCCA resources designed to foster an understanding of the vital relationship between creative expression and healthy aging, and to developing programs that build upon this understanding.

Throughout 2015-2016 the monthly series will focus upon an array of topics drawn from the 2015 NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference with presentation sessions including: Creative Caregiving; the Practice, Research, and Business of creative aging; Innovations in the field; and Special Emphasis topics.

Registration is required and the sessions will be archived along with Podcasts available for ongoing use. Once each session capacity is reached, you can contact the NCCA office to be added to the wait list. The JULY 2015 webinar is offered without charge, however registration is required. NCCA organizational members, along with students and selected constituencies will have access to a range of discounts on subsequent webinars.

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The webinar series will be broken up thematically by season, with each thematic section building on the last to paint a vivid picture of creative aging in our society. 


  1. Creative Caregiving
  2. Elder's Share the Arts

A focus on two exemplary creative aging initiatives, these webinars will introduce participants to how creative work with older adults can benefit the end user, the community, and the caregiver. 


  1. The Fundamentals of Practice
  2. The Fundamentals of Research
  3. The Fundamentals of Business

This three pronged webinar mini-series is based on the 2015 NCCA Leadership Conference and Exchange Structure. Participants will come away with an understanding of the bedrock ideas that form the basis of best practice in the field. 


  1. Lifelong Learning
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Age Friendly Communities

This thematic block will introduce participants to three key areas of interest outlined by the 2015 Creativity and Aging in America Summit, a mini-conference to the 2015 White House Conference on Aging.


  1. Practice Innovations
  2. Research Innovations
  3. Business Innovations

The 2015-2016 Distance Learning Series will conclude with a return to the three fundamentals of creative aging work, this time focusing on innovative models and ideas that are pushing the field forward.