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Health and wellness can be achieved in many ways, including using creativity to work the mind and body. Research has shown that mental activity stimulated by arts activities can be especially beneficial to people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Cases of cognitive disabilities increase with age, so as the population lives longer more people will be diagnosed. By bringing arts programs to people with cognitive disabilities, you can create more opportunities for people with cognitive loss and their caregivers. In this section you'll find information about Health and Wellness programming, research, events, news and more.

At the Westmeath Residential and Nursing Care Home in Ireland, many older adults have found a new way to enjoy themselves. Some of the participants have Alzheimer’s and dementia and were presumed to be “too far gone” to be able to participate in art, yet are finding joy within the arts.

The attitude you take can make a world of difference when it comes to getting older. Writer Virginia Bell talks about her personal struggle with turning 70 and compared it initially to being stuck in Siberia.

Listening to music is widely used by athletes to focus the mind and calm the nerves. Music is proven to lift fatigue in athletes and raise oxygen levels in the blood. So what effect does music have on the elderly? Dr.

The Online NCCA EngAGE State Arts Agency Field Guide is scheduled to launch 1 May 2017! Stay tuned for Deatils!


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The Listening Project: Brooklyn began a few years ago when one woman decided to venture into a senior center, sit down and just listen.

Even if you weren’t anywhere near Washington, DC this morning, I think you may have heard us cheer when Katie sent out the press release officially announcing the NCCA Online Artist Training in Arts and Aging. We are finally launched!!

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Join AFTA in celebrating the culmination of their summer arts program at Kensington Park. The outdoor event will feature live music, food, and an art exhibition and performance by seniors who participated in the program.

Born in 1930, Dorothy May spent most of her adult life caring for her family in Chicago. When she was forty, she decided to return to school and pursue a degree in psychology.

Montreal will open the world’s first dance therapy center in response to ongoing research revealing the many benefits of dance on physical impairments and other personal challenges.

Married for 55 years, Jean and Dick Bedell have dedicated their lives to service projects all around the world. Dick, a pediatrician, and Jean, a nurse with a Masters degree in Gerontology, are the unstoppable “womb to tomb” duo.

The NEA releases a report on the review of existing research prepared by a federal task force on the arts and human development.

NCCA has launched the first of it's kind Directory of Creative Aging Programs in America funded by the NEA, MetLife Foundation, and The Michelson Foundation.

There is a "ritual response" when participating in delivering care and healing within the caring ecosystem.

Susan Perlstein will host a free hands-on workshop to engage participants in exercises demonstrating the best practices in the fields of arts and aging.

Susan Perlstein, founder of the National Center for Creative Aging and Elders Share the Arts, will present a free lecture on creative aging as part of the Interdisciplinary Seminar Series on Aging Keynote & Capstone Lecture.

Actress Morgan Fairchild, game show host Pat Sajack, and other famed adults nearing retirement age offer w

Judi Dench, 78-year-old star of the latest James Bond movie Skyfall, admits that she faces many c