Lifelong Learning

As life expectancy increases, more attention is being given to the meaning and purpose of later life. The NCCA aims to meet the developmental needs of older people through creative engagement, sense memory and self-expression. In this section you will find more information about Lifelong Learning programming, news, research, stories and more.

Throughout the Fall season NCCA will be featuring a Beautiful Mind from each year of the campaign and what they are up to now.

Join us on October 6, 2015 to learn more about the THE CREATIVE AGE: Global Perspectives on Creativity and Aging and ways you can partcipate.

The Senior Theatre sessions at the 2015 ATHE Conference will be a great opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts. Join us in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from July 30-August 2 at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

The Art of Good Health and Wellbeing, 7th Annual International Arts and Health Conference, will present best practice and innovative arts

Thursday, August 13
3:00 – 4:30 pm
Surprise, AZ 
Program, Reflections was recently featured during a segment by the local NBC affiliate. 
Detroit, MI
This afternoon and evening of art, music, poetry and story telling celebrates 90 years of serving older adults in the Detroit Metropolitan Area.
Informational sessions will be offered using art therapy and other interventions with populations such as those with Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, Parkinson, and those who have suffered trauma, abuse, and more. 
A five-day retreat featuring special guest teacher, Joanna Macy. Sponsored by the Conscious Elders Network and Stepping Stones Project, join with other older adults to share your passions and participate more fully in a Great Turning to a Life-sustaining Society.

A convening at the 2015 NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference

For Tammie Fowles, 55, art has always played a major role in life. For 25 years she has made music and art a part of her work in psychotherapy. It all started when Tammie worked with a client who never spoke when in sessions.

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