Lifelong Learning

As life expectancy increases, more attention is being given to the meaning and purpose of later life. The NCCA aims to meet the developmental needs of older people through creative engagement, sense memory and self-expression. In this section you will find more information about Lifelong Learning programming, news, research, stories and more.

As a gift for the New Year, join us as we present this webinar with Rita Charon MD, PhD, professor of clinical medicine and director of the M.S. in narrative medicine program at Columbia University.

On January 23, 2015, Gay Hanna, Ph.D., M.F.A., will be the keynote presenter for the Life Planning Network Chesapeake Chapter meeting.

Registration for the 2015 conference, The Creative Age: Creativity and Aging in America will open in January, 2015. The conference will be held in Washington, DC, on May 19 – 21, 2015. NCCA will be providing updates as we approach the launch of registration.

Have an idea of what you'd like to see at the 2015 conference on creative aging? Tell us!

13 OCTOBER 2015



People are now living longer, and for many, a whole third of their lives will take pla

Huffington Post and The Today Show have started a series known as “50 Over 50” in whic

The New York Late-Starters Orchestra has provided many older adults with the opportuni

Recipients of the 2014 NCCA-MetLife Foundation Technical Assistance Grants are working hard with their mentors on the creation (or expansion) of their arts and aging programs.

PD Dance and the Tremble Clefs choral group continue to offer weekly opportunities for those living with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners  to enjoy invigorating, challenging arts endeavors in an at

Daniel C. Potts, M.D. and Angel C.

Cheryl was diagnosed with double scoliosis, and told she would have to stop dancing. It was the most devastating week of her life.

84% of younger adults (ages 18-59) and 89% of older adults (over age 60) say they feel confide

A survey found that half of those 44 to 70 years old want encore careers.

As individuals approach retirement from their careers, they begin to start worrying about what

At 90, Barbara Beskind is by far the oldest member of a dynamic team working on design for foo