Lifelong Learning

As life expectancy increases, more attention is being given to the meaning and purpose of later life. The NCCA aims to meet the developmental needs of older people through creative engagement, sense memory and self-expression. In this section you will find more information about Lifelong Learning programming, news, research, stories and more.

Join the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging at their How Do We See Our World seminar and discuss the benefits of the use of expressive arts in older adults.

The Burbank Artist Colony is one of three communities set to revolutionize the retirement home concept. These communities are essentially one big arts camp, with classes taught every day in every art form possible.

Artist Pamala Crabb chronicled a very personal topic; she was able to record her father’s journey through Alzheimer ’s disease. Crabb was very reluctant to showcase her works but took a shot at an exhibition in Rochester, NH, and received an overwhelming positive response.

Researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have found through a study that poor sleep quality may have an impact on Alzheimer’s disease onset and progression. The study examined the correlation between sleep variables and a biomarker for Alzheimer’s.

The Abhinaya Theatre Research Centre, located in India, is offering older adults a chance to explore and express their theatrical talents. Abhinaya has a history of hosting these workshops and retaining participants. “This may be a novel idea in the theatre culture of the state.

A study originating from the University of California in San Francisco is showing signs that video games can be a powerful exercise vehicle for the aging brain. The team said they recently found a custom-designed video game that can be used to assess cognitive abilities across a lifespan.

Minnesota arts educators are traditionally well-trained at working with children. ArtSage, a local nonprofit, is hoping to build a strong program geared towards using art with the elderly and those with special needs.

A study has shown that trying new things is more beneficial than just keeping the brain active. In the study, participants were divided into three groups: learning digital photography, quilting, or both.

Join leaders from across the country for a five-day event that focuses on research, policy and practice related to promoting creative expression as vital to healthy and productive aging.

From the beautiful French Riviera to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, artist James Richard Blake has captured it all. At age 81, Blake has been painting and drawing for nearly six decades and perfecting his craft with every masterpiece.

Becoming an entrepreneur is many people’s idea of the American Dream. Being an entrepreneur and an active advocate for civil rights is more than many do in a lifetime, yet Sharyn Yoshida has done that and more.

Paint strokes, musical chords, comical phrases, and play lines. These are all things that can be learned in a classroom. Using those skills to create works of art is something that inherently lies within certain individuals.

Learn about our Beautiful Minds campaign, featuring adults 55+ living inspiring second half of their lives!

Learn more about the Research Center for Arts and Culture's Art Cart: Saving the Legacy

 Paint strokes, musical chords, comical phrases, and play lines. These are all things that can be learned in a classroom. Using those skills to create works of art is something that inherently lies within certain individuals.

Join Villa Musica as they explore the writing of life stories in memory and music. Villa Musica will begin each session by reading articles on the craft of memoir, followed by in-class writing exercises. Students will have an opportunity to share their work during the second part of the class.

David Gentner, President and CEO of the Wartburg in Mt. Vernon, NY and Dale Hilton, Director of Teaching and Learning at the Cleveland Museum will give a presentation on Creative Aging using Arts and Technology. Mr.

Come to the ICAA annual conference to network and learn about active aging in America. NCCA will be exhibiting our Beautiful Minds campaign featuring people 55+ living inspiring and creative lives. 

Is there a role for the arts in healthy aging? What is the connection between music, dance, art, poetry, and storytelling - and people with Alzheimer's? Come hear about five nationally field-tested models from artists whose work is pushing the boundaries in caregiving.

In celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day, the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM) invites you to join for a screening of I Remember Better When I Paint, a film by Eric Ellena and Berna Huebner, narrated by Olivia de Havilland on Sunday, Sept. 22nd 2:00-4:00PM.