With Gratitude

To the 2015 Leadership Exchange and Conference attendees:


Thank you for being a part of THE CREATIVE AGE Creativity and Aging in America 2015 Leadership Exchange and Conference in our nation’s capital! We could not have asked for more robust connections, dynamic conversations, and cherished memories that were created the week of May 18-21, 2015.      


Each attendee brought deep passion, boundless energy, and great wisdom for the field of creative aging, allowing for a consistent level of high enthusiasm through each session and surrounding conference events. For that we are forever grateful! Your ideas and experiences led to an impactful week that will feed the research, best practice tools, and innovative business models that are evolving the field.


We reflect on the week’s events by sharing some of your comments and tweets.


“This conference was life changing for me. I was inspired by other teaching artists and experts in the research and business areas. I was thrilled to be part of the conference and would be honored to participate again and again.”


“I was really moved by the Poet Laureate Dolores Kendrick. Thank you for having her read her poetry!” 


“It is motivating and inspirational to learn from one another!”


“We can create new collaborative business models for the creative age.


“There is research that I will reference in presentations/grant applications. I plan to continue to develop relationships with presenters and attendees that I met.”


We look forward to reviewing all attendee evaluations as we continue to be inspired by your feedback and begin planning for THE CREATIVE AGE Creativity and Aging Around the World 2016 Leadership Exchange and Conference!


Learn more about the dynamic conversations surrounding the field of creative aging by visiting the NCCA Twitter page.


Click here to view the posters and presentations from the conference.


NCCA is thrilled for this opportunity to share any and all resources possible with you! Together, we will birth the next phase of creative aging around the world. 


Again, thank you for spending such meaningful time with NCCA!




NCCA Board of Directors and Staff

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