The Bonus Years: Take an old song and make it better

Jeanne Kelly, a lifelong singer, conductor, and professional operatic, has continued to share her talent through her years and encourages others to join her. Her experience includes performing in operas across the nation and conducting the Women’s Glee Club at the U.S. Naval Academy. Most recently in 2007, she founded Encore Creativity for Older Adults, which has become the nation’s largest choral program for adults over age 55. Kelly explains that the idea for Encore sprouted from her participation in a 2004 study that found that engaging in the performing arts drastically improved overall health for older adults. She emphasizes the self-satisfaction and social benefits that come with joining a choir and engaging with others who share the same interests. “You’re never too old to try something new or resurrect and perfect a talent you have closeted,” said Jeanne, who hopes to inspire others with her passion of creative aging.

The Capital Gazette, Annapolis, MD