Caring, Together: An Intergenerational Approach

Laura Hahn, 29 and Arthur, 87 make an unlikely pair of friends.  The two met three years ago after Laura saw an online ad for an organization called DOROT encouraging people to visit homebound seniors.   Laura applied for the one-year commitment of visiting a senior once a week, and was matched up with Arthur, a retired English professor.  As an aspiring journalist, Laura and Arthur hit it off.  Laura said, “When I talk about my friendships with Arthur and my Pop Pop [Laura’s grandfather], I get a lot of oohs and aahs…But I’m no hero…I’m not Abina, Arthur’s home aid, who bathes him and cooks for him and puts him to bed every night…I’m not doing the heavy lifting.  But I am doing some of the lifting, some of the uplifting.”