How to Become an Age Buster: Want to Beat the Aging Odds and Maximize Your Creativity?

Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne talks about the creative potential that people hold at any age.  Whitbourne defines the concept, “Age Buster,” as a person who defies age often times because they do not think about their age but instead focus on their goals and aspirations.  Whether you participated in creative engagement throughout your life or you are starting and an older age, creativity is an important way to express yourself and become connected to younger generations.  “All of us have creative potential, even if it is not the power to produce great music, scientific discoveries, or literature.  Our lifetime of experience can give us unique abilities to contribute to the lives of others, as long as we maintain our mental flexibility and avoid getting set in our own ways,” said Whitbourne. 
Psychology Today, November 3, 2009
Written By: Susan Krauss Whitbourne