Life is an Open Book for 92-year-old Berkeley Author

Rhoda Curtis has written her second book, After Ninety What, a follow-up to her previous one, Rhoda: The First Ninety Years.  The book includes essays, travelogues, short stories and even a play, Family Voices.  Creating has been an integral part of Curtis’s life. “The creative process involved trying, failing or succeeding, and evaluating.  It doesn’t matter if I ever make it.  What’s important is the process.  That’s what’s stimulating and invigorating.  If it doesn’t work, so what?  I think we are hard-wired for the creative process,” said Curtis. Curtis described a myriad of things that kept her healthy, and described her view on aging as this: “People seem to be afraid of aging.  I don’t understand that.  The process of aging is like growing up.  You might just as well be afraid of being a teenager.”, March 12, 2010

Written By: Dan Pine

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