Seniors sing (and dance and act) for their health

The Chautauqua Institution has become a popular destination for older adults who strive to remain active and engage with others who have similar interests. Each year, seniors from all over the country travel to Chautauqua, New York for all kinds of activities involving fitness and the performing arts. The program offers dance classes, singing lessons, and this year will present a dynamic performance based from scenes of “West Side Story.” They are open to anyone ages 55 and older, regardless of whether they have past experience. Many participants describe the programs as an arts boot camp that challenges them physically and mentally for the short period of time they spend there.  “It’s been a challenge, but it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling that I’m doing it,” says 74-year-old Liz Droulard who is living with COPD. Despite the myriad of health conditions affecting the performers, they continue to amaze themselves with newfound talents and appreciation for the arts.

The Washington Post