Share The Visit: AgeSong Communities Introduce Web-based Care Circles

In our effort to continually improve our quality of care services, AgeSong is pleased to introduce Dr. Elise Singer's Share the Visit, a new technology that will allow our families to be even more informed and involved with their loved one's care, even when they cannot physically be on site at the community.

Starting in February, 2013, AgeSong Assisted Living and Elder Communities will be offering ShareTheVisit, a secure Web platform that brings modern-day communication to healthcare. Participants will include AgeSong community members’ entire care circle, GERO-wellness interns, staff, physicians, and families.

ShareTheVisit’s mission is to leverage technology to improve the lives of patients, families and healthcare professionals through coordination and communication. Online care coordination and communication will be available through email, texting and videoconferencing. “We are very excited to be the first assisted living community to introduce this service to residents,” notes Dinah Bailes, AgeSong COO.

AgeSong and ShareTheVisit have partnered to offer better care for their clients, improved internal staff communication, and convenient, active involvement for family. Because ShareTheVisit works for both healthcare professionals and residents’ families, AgeSong is improving the quality of care provided by their healthcare team while actively involving loved ones.

ShareTheVisit began out of a personal challenge. One of the founders, a physician, a daughter and a mother, began to struggle with an aging, ailing parent who lived across the country. Unable to leave her work and young family for long periods of time, it struck her that in every other aspect of her life, social and professional, she was easily able to incorporate modern day communication technologies such as texting, email and video. But when it came to the care of her parent, there were no secure, private communication tools available to facilitate her involvement and keep her in the loop. ShareTheVisit was born.

For more information about AgeSong’s new Web-based communication service for residents and their care team, contact Jim Johnson, AgeSong San Francisco Executive Director.