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Anthony Hyatt is a violinist, speaker and teaching artist who works with many health care and human service providers in the Washington, DC, area.  He is the founder and principal of his own Moving Beauty organization through which he offers his services.  His longest affiliation, since 1997, is with the nonprofit Arts for the Aging organization, under whose auspices he designs and leads interactive creative engagement programs at adult care facilities and for whom he co-directs the senior citizen improv dance company known as Quicksilver.   Anthony is a Master Trainer of the National Center for Creative Aging.  He also is an affiliate of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Studio G Pediatric Arts Program and Lombardi Cancer Center’s Arts and Humanities Program.   Through these programs and others he works directly with hospital patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them.  As a teaching artist Anthony forges strong connections with a diversity of program participants.   His work crosses linguistic boundaries as well as those that are created by age related physical and cognitive losses.   His programs empower participants to express themselves and to share their beauty with others.  As a speaker and trainer Anthony articulates the principles that make him effective in doing this work.

Anthony is a student and teacher of the role and use of improvisation techniques in the creative process.  His base is found in the performing arts but his interest and expertise extend into other realms of deliberate creativity.   He strongly believes that creativity is not the province of a select few but rather that is the birthright of all humans.  In addition to using the arts to express his own creativity Anthony uses them as tools of facilitation for ideation, problem solving and communication.  In doing this work Anthony is honored to be a colleague of the USA based Creative Education Foundation and to be repeatedly invited as a conference presenter for other affiliated international organizations such as CREA - The Creativity European Association and Mindcamp in Canada. 

As a speaker Anthony is comfortable and effective in many settings whether it is speaking from the plenary platform or working more intimately with smaller groups of learners.  As a collaborative leader he works with others to co-create multidisciplinary and intergenerational programs.  As a natural teacher he enjoys bringing “The Voices of the Violin” to audiences who become participants engaged in facilitated experiential learning.  As such they may explore a topic through gesture, image, or poetry.   Anthony gives them the opportunity to create and explore powerful metaphors, which holistically involve their whole being in linked processes of learning, reflection and celebration.

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