Dorothy May



Born in 1930, Dorothy May spent most of her adult life caring for her family in Chicago. When she was forty, she decided to return to school and pursue a degree in psychology. Just a few years later she was able to complete both a masters and doctorate and eventually start her own practice in psychotherapy. Since then, she has authored numerous books that have contributed to her role as an expert in the field.

Spiritual healing helped Dorothy through deaths of close family members, cancer treatments, and many other difficult experiences. Inspired by her own personal hardship, Dorothy chose to study psychotherapy to help people “create and maintain meaning in their lives.” She believes that this type of internal healing is one of the most effective processes for rehabilitation. Her therapeutic practices aim to stimulate self-exploration and a positive perspective on life. “Psychotherapy is deeper than counseling. It is for those who wish to find the light inside of them and truly change their lives in a meaningful way.”

At age 82, Dorothy has authored several books in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. Her most recent book, “Will the Real God Please Stand Up: My First Eighty Years,” is a spiritual memoir that recounts Dorothy’s life in different stages. She hopes that sharing personal stories about overcoming adversity will inspire others to express themselves in a similar way.  She also addresses challenges such as how to manage emotions and carry grief without feeling overwhelmed. “When someone endures a life-changing event, they must learn to control how it affects their lives and choices. There is meaning behind everything, and this creates opportunity for further exploration.”

Dorothy believes that the body is designed for movement and even the smallest actions can put joy in your heart and make you feel alive. She practices meditation daily and strongly believes in this practice as an internal form of movement. In addition, she recommends spending as much time as possible with loved ones to create the most happiness in life. “Every day I surround myself with love, peace, and light. I believe there is life after this life, but I am not ready yet. I still have a lot more to do.” 


Written by Robyn Casper