Margo Frazier

Margo Frazier



To say Margo Frazier is selfless is an understatement. Her life story continually reflects her going out of her way to protect and care for her family even after having been diagnosed with breast cancer. Margo was married at the age of 19, had two children, and then divorced at 30. Her husband, a Memphis musician, abandoned her two daughters and left Margo as a young, single mom. In order to support her family, she joined the Navy where she got in touch with her creative side as a photographer. At the age of 40, when it seemed like Margo would finally have time to follow her own hopes and dreams, her granddaughter was born.

The moment that Margo saw her granddaughter, she felt a special connection.. Little did she know that within a year, she would be singlehandedly raising her. Even though Margo had to put her dreams and plans on hold, she never gave a second thought to taking in her granddaughter. Margo was given a second chance at parenting, which she was able to enjoy more thoroughly the second time around. Margo says the best part of raising her granddaughter was that she was able to experience the world through a child’s eyes again. However, her granddaughter did more than open Margo’s eyes, the love and interaction helped her heal from all the pain of her past.

When I interviewed Margo, her granddaughter had moved out the week before. However, Margo will not have a lack of things to keep her busy. When asked what her plans are now that she will have so much free time, she replied, “I am going to take back my space and create a writing room.” She currently works part time at a church which not only keeps her in touch with her spiritual side, but also keeps her learning every day of her life. Margo is an avid author and has had many of her writings published including an essay in NPR’s This I Believe. She also continues her earlier hobby of photography.

Margo is not only spiritually, intellectually and creatively aging, but also remains very physically active. She loves to bike, participates in yoga and belongs to the YMCA. Like any Jacksonville, Florida resident, she also enjoys spending time at the beach.

When asked what her secret to aging well is, she replied, “You must accept whatever comes your way rather than fighting it. Live your life in the moment rather than trying to force things to happen.” A perfect example of Margo’s acceptance was when she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at the age of 47. It was a pivotal time in her life and forced her to slow down and take care of herself. The diagnosis helped Margo see the importance of de-stressing and stopping to smell the roses. Margo is not only giving, but resilient and strong, and has been cancer free for 13 years. 


Written by Rachel Black, Communication Associate.