Research Center for Arts & Culture

In September 2011, NCCA was pleased to welcome the Research Center for Arts and Culture after 20 years based within Columbia University.  Throughout its lifespan, RCAC has provided data and information in service of artists and the arts.

The Center's studies examine the situation of the living artist in America, shedding light on such issues as the complex challenges facing dancers as they transition out of their performance careers, the communities and support structures that sustain jazz musicians, and the imperiled legacy of our nation's aging artists.

In addition to this pioneering work, the RCAC also conducts research on a broad range of topics in the arts, from cultural policy and public spaces to labor relations and the law. The Center convenes public events, and provides curriculum development to educational institutions and leadership training to arts organizations and managers around the world.

ART CART: SAVING THE LEGACY, a core program of RCAC, will select professional visual artists from the Washington, D.C. and NYC Metro areas for a nine-month project (September 2012-May 2013).  Art Cart serves to help organize and document older artists’ work.  To receive more information, please contact RCAC at or call 202-895-9489.