Curtis Cooper is an Activity Director for the Memory Care Unit of Bonaventure in Tigard, Oregon who uses creative aging interventions such as music, poetry, and quiltmaking to bring joy to his unit. 

Bonnie Vorenberg is an educator, director, speaker, author, and publisher whose lifelong work has helped create opportunities for Senior Theatre.


The Trailblazer's Name

Bonnie Vorenberg

Jorge Merced is a an actor, director, and arts pioneer whose work with Pregones Theater in New York City has been both nationally and internationally lauded.

The Trailblazer's Name 

Jorge Merced

Susan Perlsten is a creative aging pioneer, and continues to advocate for the creative potential in all of across the globe.


Lee Hunkins
Dwan Smith-Fortier

Dwan Smith-Fortier, 70, has always felt the most comfortable being in front of an audience. Even as a small child, so small she had to stand on a box, she delivered Christmas recitations in church with a power and a voice beyond her years.

David Neslson

David Nelson, 65, began storytelling in elementary school. With each “elaborate lie” he told on the playground, David was able to draw his friends into his stories.

Carol Siegel

At 75 years of age Carol Siegel of Alexandria, Virginia, lives a very active and creative lifestyle.

Bruce Mondschain, 72, is all for experiencing “firsts” at any time in life. He picked up the cello at 45 and became an entrepreneur, starting his own health consulting firm after 35 years in the non-profit sector and five years in a corporation.

84-year-old Lee Hunkins has been a talented, acclaimed, and highly engaged writer for her entire life, but she doesn’t believe you have to start young to realize your full creative potential.