Cheryl Vassiliadis has been in love with dancing since she was a little girl.  Her parents, who also had a love for the arts (her mother, in particular, for piano and ballet) supported her dream from a young age.

Beth McGuire believes that creative aging stems from passion. What are you most passionate about? Think back to the moments in your life when you were happiest. For Beth, it was learning, teaching, and working with older adults.

Peter Lagomarsino is a working sculptor, potter, and clay builder who has been refining his art and technique for 25 years. At a young age, he was introduced to visual art by his father and quickly fell in love with the outlet for expression.

From the beautiful French Riviera to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, artist James Richard Blake has captured it all. At age 81, Blake has been painting and drawing for nearly six decades and perfecting his craft with every masterpiece.

Becoming an entrepreneur is many people’s idea of the American Dream. Being an entrepreneur and an active advocate for civil rights is more than many do in a lifetime, yet Sharyn Yoshida has done that and more.

 Paint strokes, musical chords, comical phrases, and play lines. These are all things that can be learned in a classroom. Using those skills to create works of art is something that inherently lies within certain individuals.

Diane Glass, at age 70, has successfully fought through many obstacles paving her way to living to 100, her ultimate goal. Her secret? A positive outlook and an I-can-do-anything mentality.

Born in 1930, Dorothy May spent most of her adult life caring for her family in Chicago. When she was forty, she decided to return to school and pursue a degree in psychology.


Married for 55 years, Jean and Dick Bedell have dedicated their lives to service projects all around the world. Dick, a pediatrician, and Jean, a nurse with a Masters degree in Gerontology, are the unstoppable “womb to tomb” duo.

Diane Tuckman photo

After falling in love with silk painting, Diane Tuckman was shocked to learn that it was practically unknown in the United States.