Discovering his talents at an early age, John Eaton has been a pianist for over 70 years.

Arthur Berger Headshot

Arthur Berger, a 92 year old WWII veteran and retired lawyer, has accomplished so much in the later parts of his life that it is almost as if he is aging backwards.

Now experiencing retirement, Joanne Taylor wonders how she ever had time for a full time job.

David Glover grew up singing gospel at his church in Philadelphia, and since then his talents have flourished into what he is known for best today: performing his self-written plays for audiences all across the country.

Hugh Aaron resides in a community that thrives from the creativity of its engaging older population.

Gregg Rochester headshot

Gregg Rochester, at 62, is a psychologist turned professional painter and he does not see himself retiring anytime soon. While Gregg’s career is truly his own, he had a great art role model and mentor in his mother.

Gaea Yudron photo

“Old has a purpose; Old knows how to make things flourish; Old knows what a gift it is to nourish.” These lyrics come from A New Wrinkle, Gaea Yudron’s musical revue on aging.  Besides writing a musical, Gaea is a champion of social caus

Margo Frazier

To say Margo Frazier is selfless is an understatement. Her life story continually reflects her going out of her way to protect and care for her family even after having been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Nancy King Hiking

As a child Nancy King performed for her elementary school, wrote and directed her first play at the age of ten, and almost 65 years later, she hasn’t slowed down. Following a long career as a professor at the University of Delaware, Ms.

Photo of Gwendolyn Aqui-Brooks and Bernard Brooks.

Life as an artist can be solitary at times, spending long hours in the studio perfecting your work. But not so for Bernard Brooks, 72, and Gwen Aqui-Brooks, 65, artists who celebrated their third wedding anniversary last week.