Jerry Rothstein Headshot

“The gift of giving” is a common refrain around the holidays, but local paper editor Jerry Rothstein, 71, adheres to the concept year-round in interesting, engrossing and replicable ways. 

Sonia Usatch-Kuhn Headshot

Security and comfort are common human goals. And yet neuroscience reveals that living life in the same way every day, as comfortably and securely as possible, can increase cognitive impairment as we age.

Bebe Lavin Headshot

When discussing the important things in her life, Bebe Lavin emphasizes two subjects in particular: (1) older adults need to participate in the community, and (2) her grandchildren are truly the most brilliant children to have ever walked the ear

At 96 years young, Ms. Young's passions are many.  She is an environmentalist and a lover of nature, but most of all, she is a builder of peace.

Evelyn Thorton Beck Headshot

Evelyn Torton Beck began her college career at Brooklyn College in 1950, and fifty four years later her formal education may have reached its peak when she received her second Ph.D., this one in Clinical Psychology. A life-long learner, Dr.

Clarence Johnston Playing the Drums

At the age of 86, Clarence Johnston is too busy living in the present to talk much about his past.  As a world-renowned jazz drummer he has played over 50 years, traveling and performing with jazz artists Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Dinah Wash

Elizabeth Serkin Headshot

Elizabeth Serkin is a lifelong seeker of learning and earned her PhD in feminist social gerontology at the age of 66. At the age of 68, she married "her last and best husband," who was 89. Her husband, now 91, goes to work every day.

Shirley Joel Headshot

Shirley Joel produces something akin to Discovery Channel's Myth Busters on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), a public television channel.  But where Myth Busters tests obscure urban legends, the Active Aging series debunks commo

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It may not be traditional for an artist to start her career at the age of 40, but Flo Oy Wong is anything but a traditional artist.  She is a storyteller, a historian, and anthropologist, and she chooses to express herself with everything from ri

Mary Anne O'Neill Headshot

Mary Anne O'Neill is the typical grandmother of the 21st century.