Margery Pabst

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Board President

Margery Pabst is a national speaker, facilitator, storyteller, and co-author of the book, “Enrich Your Caregiving Journey”, which won the “Caregiver Friendly Award.”  Margery’s latest book, “Words of Care”, is available on her website, where caregivers can access a variety of tools for personal respite and well being.  Margery cites the purpose of her work, “To assist caregivers in creating resilient and empowering environments for themselves and others.”

Margery writes for a variety of websites, including where she serves as caregiving expert for the site.  She hosts two radio shows, “Caregiver and Physician Conversations” and “Caregivers Speak!”  Easter Seals recently named Margery Pabst as their caregiving expert.

Margery is the Founder and President of The Pabst Charitable Foundation for the Arts whose mission is to support the arts in innovative, interdisciplinary initiatives for impact on community.  How the arts can impact wellness is a key focus for the Foundation.

Margery also serves on several boards, among them The University of Central Florida Foundation, The Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College, and Atlantic Center for the Arts.  She is a member of Grantmakers in the Arts.