Metlife Foundation Creativity And Aging In America Leadership Award Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the MetLife Foundation Creativity and Aging in America Leadership Award, which recognizes three outstanding programs in health and wellness, lifelong learning and community engagement. These leaders in the field provide exemplary programs in creativity and aging locally, nationally and internationally in urban, suburban and rural communities. The winners will provide technical assistance as part of the MetLife Foundation Creativity and Aging in America Technical Assistance Grants.

And the winners are…

Lifelong Learning: DOROT

Since 1976, DOROT has provided food, housing, companionship, education, and cultural enrichment to thousands of elderly New Yorkers and has fostered friendship and respect between the generations. DOROT enhances the lives of seniors and their caregivers through a partnership of professional staff and thousands of committed volunteers of all ages. In a world whose aging population is increasing rapidly, DOROT is a model for volunteer- and community-based service for the elderly.

DOROT’s mission is to alleviate social isolation among the elderly and provide services to help them live independently as valued members of the community.  We serve the Jewish and wider community, bringing the generations together in a mutually beneficial partnership of elders, volunteers and professionals.  Our work provides an effective model for others.

Community Engagement: ELDERS SHARE THE ARTS

Elders Share the Arts, founded in 1979, is a pioneering community arts organization that fosters the creative capacity of older adults in the sharing of memories, life experiences, and wisdom through the arts. ESTA’s professional teaching artists work with young and old using our Living History Arts methodology, a blend of reminiscence, oral history, and the arts within communities to transform their life stories into creative presentations that explore social issues, shed light on neighborhood history, and address community concerns.

Health & Wellness: TIMESLIPS

TimeSlips offers an elegantly simple revolution in care – a clear shift from ‘managing behaviors’ toward engaging the individual and building a palpable sense of community. In an age when medicine offers few solutions, TimeSlips provides hope by opening an avenue for meaningful communication and connection.  The storytelling method itself can be done individually or in small groups, and uses a prompt (usually an image) to invite and entwine creative responses of the storytellers into a story that can be shared with friends, family, fellow residents and staff.  Since 2011, our online training has been taken by over 500 people across 10 countries.  Our Master Trainers have guided museums, historical societies, care facilities, and senior centers toward more person-centered engagements with people with memory loss.  Our free, interactive storytelling software is used by thousands of people across the globe.